aft motion

aft motion
перемещение назад

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  • aft — aft1 /aft, ahft/, Naut., Aeron. adv. 1. at, close to, or toward the stern or tail: Stow the luggage aft. adj. 2. situated toward or at the stern or tail: The aft sail was luffing. [bef. 950; ME afte, OE aeftan from behind, equiv. to aef opposite… …   Universalium

  • lead-lag motion — An angular oscillation of a rotor blade in the plane of rotation about a substantially vertical axis. The fore and aft movement of the tip of a helicopter rotor blade in its plane of rotation. Lead lag motion is the freedom given to each blade of …   Aviation dictionary

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  • joystick — noun Etymology: perhaps from English slang joystick penis Date: 1910 1. a lever in an airplane that operates the elevators by a fore and aft motion and the ailerons by a side to side motion 2. a control for any of various devices (as a computer)… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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